AI for Finance

IA Finance

Banks and Insurance companies are highly impacted by AI: they have large volumes of regularly updated data, and are among the first IT users. Beyond the experimentation carried out in the sector recently, the challenge is to industrialize AI with a more holistic approach in order to take advantage of the many potential applications that will create value in relation to commercial relationship, task automation, fraud detection, creation of new products and services… But it is also a matter of preparing the jobs to change and develop new skills complementary to AI, in a competitive and regulatory context that will evolve widely in the coming years.

This two-day program is for managers of the finance sector who want to understand how to make of AI an opportunity for their organization.

The first day, you will discover the AI through presentation and practical exercises. The second day focuses on finance applications. This day will prepare the implementation of AI in your company with a practical case followed throughout the day.

Target audience

  • Executives, Business Unit managers, project managers


  • No technical level required
  • A minimum digital culture is a more

Teachers and session facilitators

  • AI Expert
  • Experienced data Consultants in the financial sector
  • Startups


  • Understand the Principles of AI,
  • Discover the main applications in the banking world: Customer relationship, automation, fraud detection, innovation…
  • Know how to approach an AI project
  • Reflect on the impact of AI on its organization

Pedagogical method

  • A concrete and pragmatic approach to AI
  • Focus on use cases
  • Practical exercises
  • A business case to deal with
  • Group workshops to learn from peers

Practical terms

  • 2 days from 9am to 5pm
  • Group of 10 to 15 learners
  • Rate: €1500 excl. VAT

Dates : On request


Day 1

  • What is AI : Understand what we are talking about, why the current boom, come out fantasies about AGI (artificial general intelligence)
  • AI or not AI? : Understand what AI can bring to a company (and what it cannot do).
  • How does AI works? : Discovering the principles of AI and machine learning In particular.
  • Generic Uses of AI : Image recognition, language, predictions.
  • Uses of AI in Finance: : Customer relationship, fraud detection, creating new products and services, task automation…
  • Illustration of real cases with a startup specializing in AI for finance.

Day 2

  • Start your IA project : Asking the right questions from a “AI Business Canvas” to build.
  • Best practices and points of attention : Compendium of best practices to be built and points of attention (ROI, bias, error rate, monitoring…).
  • Project Mode: Working with a large publisher, a startup, internal teams…
  • Organization and Skills: What are the impacts of AI for my organization? What skills to develop in the future?
  • Societal issues : Ai in the world and associated societal issues (geopolitics, ethics…)
  • Illustration of real cases with a startup specializing in AI for finance.