Far from the fantasy of science fiction and the myth of Singularity, artificial intelligence (AI) is today a powerful technology, which impacts the performance of companies and will even more in the coming years.

AI will impact our work organization, and it will raise many questions on the “future work” and on the relationship between man and machine.

AI is also a political issue, that France and Europe have to tackle in order get a voice against USA, China, Russia… countries that have made AI a national priority with significant investments.

Beyond data scientists and technical experts, it is therefore urgent to train decision-makers, managers and their business teams to AI. They have to understand how to take advantage of this revolution and define an AI strategy.

Catalix wants to contribute to making AI a positive buisiness tranformation driver and be a part of the growing influence of the French AI ecosystem.

Learning pinciples

We are convinced that traditional learning models must evolve: a personal engagement of the learners and a close articulation with the jobs are for instance mandatory. Digital and AI in particular are also shaking up the game (access to resources, adaptive learning …) and companies must develop this new culture of lifelong learning to adapt and develop the skills of its employees.

Catalix wants to be an original learning ecosystem to test new formats, new methods, new tools … keeping in mind some pedagogical principles that guide our actions:

Learning by doing

Projects and “practical work” at the centre of the sessions


Programs that associate managers, students, coders, startups…

Peer learning

Collective workshops to gain value from other learners


Getting out of one’s daily life, in inspirational places